Happy Mother’s Day To Mother’s Everywhere!

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!


Today we celebrate Moms everywhere
For without Moms we’d really not have much to share.
They guide and care for us, teach us with patience and love
Sacrificing their needs when push comes to shove
For their children they would do anything they can,
To help them grow up into a strong woman or man
So Mom, I thank you for all you have done
In my life you are amazing; in my world you’re the one
Who taught me to love, stand tall, be true to me,
When to make it right and when to let it be
A toast to all Mothers I’d like to propose,
We could never say it all with one simple rose.
© Karen

Funny, when we have young children the best Mother’s Day is when dad takes all the kids out for the day and we have a quiet moment to ourselves. A day with no fighting, whining or cooking. Then, when our kids are grown and busy in their own lives the best Mother’s Day is when they make the time to come and spend it with us. As I watch how fast my children are growing I try to appreciate each moment we have together for I know there will be a time when they move out and on with their lives and I won’t get to see their beautiful faces every day. Happy Mother’s Day!



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