The Beach…Sun, Surf, & Sand Ahhhhhhh

Who Doesn't Love The Beach!

Who Doesn’t Love The Beach!

The Beach

People Passing,
Sand in shorts.
Running, Screaming
Laughter, snorts
Digging, playing
Buried feet.
Hands a flaying
Sun Beating
Water and mud
Buckets fly up
And land with a thud
Wind is blowing
Trees are shivering
Birds are singing
Water shimmering
Bikinis too
Lots of muscle
One lost shoe.
Hunting looking
Picking up toys
Time for home
Lots of noise
Pack the car
Everyone here?
Wait a minute
There’s sand in my rear.
©May 2005 Karen

Take your family to the beach with this summer. As you sit relaxing or playing with your children on the beach appreciate the joy and happiness being in nature brings to you and your family. From playing in the sand, splashing in the waves, collecting sea shells and other sea life children love everything about the beach. Bringing them to the beach teaches them to appreciate that we have such beauty in this world to enjoy and they will love that you took a moment to share it with them.

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