Time...Is There Ever Enough?

Time…Is There Ever Enough?


Like a jet, it speeds
Rushing, running, nothing more
Blink a new day dawns

Wow! Summer is almost half over and I am still waiting for it to start! It’s time to stop doing and make time to just be. To quit running around and stop to enjoy the gardens and nature around me before they are finished blooming. To meditate more and live in the moment instead of on a rollercoaster; To still time and be present with me… Ahhhh can you feel it time just slowed down. Breathe….in 2,3,4 out 2,3,4 and again. I think I have just come back to my present moment. Of course this can only be accomplished late at night after all the kids have gone to bed or first thing in the morning before they get up. Find your present moment this summer and pause to enjoy it! Good luck everyone.

Do’s and Don’ts Of Raising Children

As Parents We Are Learning All The Time. There Is No Right Or Wrong Only Different Ways To Try Something.

As Parents We Are Learning All The Time. There Is No Right Or Wrong Only Different Ways To Try Something.

My children are growing up so fast. I was reflecting today on some of the moments we have shared and lessons I have learned over the years. Some are total common sense others are moments where I probably should have been paying a bit more attention and somethings one can only learn through experience……

Don’t assume a fussy baby is always hungry. They may just have a tummy ache and you can make it worse by overfeeding them. Then they will cry all night long.

Don’t be afraid to admit to your child when you are wrong. It is good for children to see and hear their parents are not perfect.

Don’t think you can go on long car rides with a young child susceptible to carsickness without “Gravol” or a bucket. You will be cleaning up Puke Messes every time.

Don’t treat or speak to your child in any way you would not want to be treated or spoken to yourself. Just because they are Little does not mean they deserve less respect.

Don’t let your 18 month old child go to the top of the highest slide in the park without someone standing behind her. She may fall all the way down to the bottom of the ladder because she all of a sudden changed her mind as you were waiting at the bottom to catch her.

Don’t let your baby eat the sand on the beach. They will survive but sand is dirty and they will have a gritty bottom for days afterwards.

Don’t let your teenage child play with tin cans full of sand at the beach. They will probably get a sliced finger and need medical attention.

Don’t tie two boats together with you and your young children and go floating down a river. Even though the children have lifejackets on, rivers have many sweepers and can be unpredictable. You never know what might happen.

Don’t take your children with you in the car to pick up large furniture. You may have nowhere for them to sit on the way home and be stranded at the store.

Don’t think you can discipline two children in the same way. Nothing is that simple they have different personalities.

Don’t make promises to your child you can not keep. They will lose faith in you and feel it is ok for them to break their promises to you.

Don’t be afraid to do a service for your child if you have been too harsh with them or said something to make them feel bad unintentionally. It teaches them we all make mistakes and we can all do something to make it better.


Give services as consequence when your child has misbehaved or hurt someone. It allows them to make up for a wrong doing and feel better about themselves.

Take your child to the see a show or a play in the Theatre once in a while. It teaches them to appreciate culture other than TV and video games.

Make sure your children get to spend time with their grandparents. They are important people with a world of knowledge and love to share.

Tuck your child in every night when they are young and lay with them for a few minutes. It is amazing what is shared with you about their day in the quiet moments before sleep.

Make up bedtime stories to share with your child. They will love listening to them and you can add lessons into the story to help your child learn more about life.

Have your child help out around the house. It teaches them skills they will need later in life, builds confidence and helps them to feel they are a useful member of the family.

Take your child camping and out in nature. It teaches them to enjoy and appreciate the beauty around them.

Pick up any garbage you see in nature. Your child will learn to take care of their environment through watching you.

Make time to have tea parties after school with your children once in a while. They will love the treat and it gives you a moment to connect with them on their day.

Always make the effort to eat dinner as a family. It is a time to connect with each other and is great family bonding time.

Stick up for your young child and others and help them work out their fights. A child cannot learn how to work through or avoid an argument unless they are shown the skills to do so.

Take naps with your babies and young children. They are some of the best cuddle moments you will ever have with them.

Get involved with your child’s school even if it is in small ways. It’s not only shows you care but you will know much more about what goes on in their day from the people you meet at the school.

Take time to play and be goofy with your child. They will treasure those moments the most.

Tell your children you love them every day. They need to hear it from you many times to believe it.

Forgive your child for what they do or say when they are angry. They don’t mean it. Anger is a very difficult emotion to control and it is good to remember they are still learning as are we.

Be gentle with yourself and your child. Remember every moment is a teachable moment. You may both learn from each experience and do things differently the next time. We are all doing the best we can with what we know in this moment, next time we will know a little more.

Take Your Children To The Garden!

Nothing Like A Beautiful Garden To Bring Joy Into Your Day!

Nothing Like A Beautiful Garden To Bring Joy Into Your Day!

Summer gardens are so beautiful and they have amazing energy. They are alive with bug adventures and blooming flowers. Ever felt a little down and then wandered into a garden with all the flowers blooming, butterflies dancing, and a cool breeze to sweep away any sad feelings. It is hard to have any emotion other than joy when you are in a pretty garden. One time I was walking down the street and came up to a flower store with a beautiful display of fresh cut bouquets. Just standing in front of the display lifted my spirits.

When my children were little and fussing I would sometimes pick them up and take them outside. We would walk around checking out the flowers and trees in our yard and area. They would stop crying and look around calming down almost instantly. Children live so in the moment they can shift moods very quickly. They would totally forget about what was bothering them and move into enjoying the nature around them. Nature is a great mood booster.

It doesn’t matter if you live in an apartment, townhouse or house there are gardens everywhere in every city. Take a walk around the block to enjoy the neighbour’s gardens or go visit local parks & gardens in your area as much as possible. It is always a relaxing outing and everyone will feel energized and happier afterwards.

Love The Beach, Respect The Sun!

Never Underestimate The Power Of The Sun!

Never Underestimate The Power Of The Sun!

Ever spent the day at the beach? Hot sand, cool water and a breeze that feels like it is cooler than it is. Don’t let the breeze fool you the sun is much hotter than it looks. I know sunscreen is important but I am willing to admit I don’t always use it unless I am going to be spending a lot of time in the sun. My philosophy usually involves spending most of my time in the shade. I always have a sun hat and beach umbrella with me and am under it most of the time. We have had such a wet Spring this year I have not even thought to dig out the sun screen. When my son went to his first day of summer camp he was chastised for not having any sun screen with him. My bad, I didn’t even think about sending it with him. He was joking with us afterwards on how he went almost the whole day without having to wear sunscreen at the water park and did not even get burned.

The next day I had a beach day with my daughter Anya while James and his dad went golfing. It was a lovely day, beautiful, sunny and warm while the water was cool and refreshing. It was the most relaxing day I have had in a while. I sat in the shade of my umbrella, sometimes cold in the breeze and read my book and dozed. My teenage daughter read her book and enjoyed the warmth of the sunny day on the blanket beside me. It was the perfect lazy day.

A friend joined us in the afternoon and shared her sunscreen with us as I still had not found mine. For me it was too late. By the time my son and husband got back from golfing I was burned! Even though I had been in the shade of my umbrella all day I had gotten lobster red, and I mean cooked Lobster the kind that is really well done! The reflection of the sun off the water and sand had gotten to me anyway. I took my sunglasses off and my children started laughing at me and told me that I looked like a red raccoon. Great! I get to be the lesson as to why we put on our sunscreen before we leave the house! Better me than the kids I guess. Thank goodness for Aloe Vera Gel and Calendula Oil to sooth my burning skin. I thought my whole face was going to peel but the Calendula Oil kept it moist enough it was ok.

In the end it was a good lesson for the whole family. Never underestimate the power of the Sun! Needless to say I found my sun screen very quickly and the next day before going to summer camp my son asked to have his sun screen on so he wouldn’t look like mom.

Check It Out!


The information on this site is based on the personal experience of the author. There are no guarantees of a perfect method to raise a child, it is all trial and error. Please feel free to try some of the suggestions on this site and let me know how you make out. If you would like to use any words or pictures from this blog please contact me for written permission. © 2013

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