What Would We Do Without Our Trusted Umbrella?

What A Wonderful Poem For A Wet Day...

What A Wonderful Poem For A Wet Day…

Vancouver Umbrellas

Impatiently the umbrellas wait throughout the summer
Cheerfully, they greet you in the fall
They know they are needed
Fabulously and graciously they unfurl all over
Aggressively the umbrellas attack rain snow and sleet
Filling the city with their own musical sounds
As protectors they will give cover
They fight till turned inside out
Polka dotted or striped
They creatively color the greyest of days
With an assortment of colors
They prevail every time

By Arabella

Summer Fun!

Loving Those Summer Cherries!

Loving Those Summer Cherries!

Cherry Season


                               ©Karen 2014

Just Watch Out For Those Pits.

Just Watch Out For Those Pits.

Ok, so Summer has been a little busy. It is good to take a break from everything. Took all the kids out cherry picking and came back with 80 pounds of cherries. I think my fingers are permanently purple. Decided to take the next couple of weeks off to relax. Thank you for checking out my blog and don’t worry I’ll be back. I will catch up with you all again in September when we explore the possibilities of Sibling Babysitters and ways to keep the peace at home when while Mom and Dad finally get out for a Date night!

Have a wonderful Summer!

Cheers Karen


Time...Is There Ever Enough?

Time…Is There Ever Enough?


Like a jet, it speeds
Rushing, running, nothing more
Blink a new day dawns

Wow! Summer is almost half over and I am still waiting for it to start! It’s time to stop doing and make time to just be. To quit running around and stop to enjoy the gardens and nature around me before they are finished blooming. To meditate more and live in the moment instead of on a rollercoaster; To still time and be present with me… Ahhhh can you feel it time just slowed down. Breathe….in 2,3,4 out 2,3,4 and again. I think I have just come back to my present moment. Of course this can only be accomplished late at night after all the kids have gone to bed or first thing in the morning before they get up. Find your present moment this summer and pause to enjoy it! Good luck everyone.

The Beach…Sun, Surf, & Sand Ahhhhhhh

Who Doesn't Love The Beach!

Who Doesn’t Love The Beach!

The Beach

People Passing,
Sand in shorts.
Running, Screaming
Laughter, snorts
Digging, playing
Buried feet.
Hands a flaying
Sun Beating
Water and mud
Buckets fly up
And land with a thud
Wind is blowing
Trees are shivering
Birds are singing
Water shimmering
Bikinis too
Lots of muscle
One lost shoe.
Hunting looking
Picking up toys
Time for home
Lots of noise
Pack the car
Everyone here?
Wait a minute
There’s sand in my rear.
©May 2005 Karen

Take your family to the beach with this summer. As you sit relaxing or playing with your children on the beach appreciate the joy and happiness being in nature brings to you and your family. From playing in the sand, splashing in the waves, collecting sea shells and other sea life children love everything about the beach. Bringing them to the beach teaches them to appreciate that we have such beauty in this world to enjoy and they will love that you took a moment to share it with them.

Happy Mother’s Day To Mother’s Everywhere!

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!


Today we celebrate Moms everywhere
For without Moms we’d really not have much to share.
They guide and care for us, teach us with patience and love
Sacrificing their needs when push comes to shove
For their children they would do anything they can,
To help them grow up into a strong woman or man
So Mom, I thank you for all you have done
In my life you are amazing; in my world you’re the one
Who taught me to love, stand tall, be true to me,
When to make it right and when to let it be
A toast to all Mothers I’d like to propose,
We could never say it all with one simple rose.
© Karen

Funny, when we have young children the best Mother’s Day is when dad takes all the kids out for the day and we have a quiet moment to ourselves. A day with no fighting, whining or cooking. Then, when our kids are grown and busy in their own lives the best Mother’s Day is when they make the time to come and spend it with us. As I watch how fast my children are growing I try to appreciate each moment we have together for I know there will be a time when they move out and on with their lives and I won’t get to see their beautiful faces every day. Happy Mother’s Day!



For The Love Of The Game

Play Ball!

As The Umpire Says, “Play Ball!”

I always have a greater understanding for my parents running me around to softball games when I was a kid after a season of taking my kids around to their ball games. I am not a run around mom but baseball season is the exception. My daughter Anya plays Softball and my son plays Baseball. We are at a ball field pretty much six nights a week.

The season does get a little hectic so it is a good thing it is only 3 months long. By the second week in, our family meals have been reduced to grilled cheese sandwiches and smoothies or a quick bite picked up along the way to the park. Try as I might I just can’t seem to get working, cooking and eating coordinated and still be at the park before 4:30 in the afternoon. My kids are the ones usually slightly late for the pre-game practice. I don’t know how some parents keep up.

I love watching my kids play and cheer them on enthusiastically sometimes a little too much. One year I lost my voice in the middle of the season from excessive team cheering. What can I say some of the games are really exciting. Or maybe it was the couple of times I forgot my winter parka and froze. It can really get cold in the evening when you are the one sitting watching and not the one playing.

Then there are the nights with two games, one parent in a meeting and one who has to be in two different cities and ball fields at the same time. It is on those nights we welcome a good rain storm and a cancelled game or two. We actually cook a real meal and eat together, what a novelty.

The best part about ball season is watching my kids and their teams improve throughout the season. They go from total chaos in the beginning to a team that comes together and knows the plays. Seeing my kids go from missing the ball on a swing to hitting the ball and making first base is the best feeling. The joy on their face when they beat the odds and make it home or make a double play for a 2nd and 3rd out is what keeps me going. For a game with a short season it has great rewards. I guess it can teach us a lot about life too. Always do what you love. Strive for improvement against the odds. Do our best in everything. Practice makes progress. It’s not always about the win, sometimes it is good to just play for fun and when you make a good play be excited, dance around the field and cheer.

The Dark, my child is afraid how can I help?

Is your child afraid of the Dark?

Is your child afraid of the Dark?

The Dark

The Dark! The Dark! I’m afraid of the night!

Mommy please, leave the door open for light.

I see so many things in the dark.

Images and shapes

On the bedroom drapes.

Spiders floating down,

All around my night-gown.

I feel them crawling on my skin,

“AcK!”  One just landed on my chin.

Mommy their web is all over my bed!

Please, may I sleep in yours instead?

Oh why must it be so dark?

Why can’t I have my sister’s spark?

Now she, She’s not afraid of the dark.

She loves the door closed,

As she sleeps in bed posed,

Like a baby in the womb.

NOT ME! I’m in a Tomb!

My sister sees fairies.

Their sparkling light

Must dispel her fright.

For it is nowhere near,

As great as mine I fear.

The Dark, The Dark

Please let it be day

So all my fears will go away.

                     By Karen ©2005

The dark can be a very scary place for children. Their imaginations run wild and can create all kinds of creepy visions in their darkened rooms. Then because the last thing we think about can sometimes influence our dreams they may have nightmares like the one in the poem. One night my oldest daughter Maria who was terrified of spiders, came running into our room whispering frantically, “Mommy, Mommy I am so scared. There are spiders all around my bed! Please make them go away!”  I went into her room and she fearfully pointed to her top bunk and the spiders she could still see surrounding her bed. I couldn’t see anything but it was very real for her.

I opened her window and made sweeping motions to sweep them all out the window while she pointed to the ones I missed until she could not see any more spiders. We said a quick prayer to keep them away, then made her a cozy spot on the floor beside my bed for her to sleep as there was no way she was going to go back to sleep in her bed in case we missed one.

Sometimes the best place for a child to feel safe is right beside their mommy. I used to keep the kids old baby blankets in the hall closet so when one of them had a nightmare we could make a quick, cozy bed for them beside mine and they could sleep there the rest of the night. It was much more comfortable for them than me trying to squeeze into their bed and my bed was too small to fit three especially when one was a squirming child.

Over the years I have come up with a number of ways to help my children feel safe. A lot of it is mind over matter. When a child is scared they need a positive or happy thought to replace the fearful one. Over the next few weeks I would like to share some of the methods I have tried when my children have been scared. If you have some suggestions that have worked for you and would like to share them please feel free to leave a comment. I always found the more ideas the better as what works with one child may not work with others.

Rainy Days…

Walking home from school one wet, rainy day...

Walking home from school one wet, rainy day…

Sometimes a moment is just so cute it needs a poem to go with it…

Puddle Jumpers

Pitter, Patter,

Pitter, Patter,

Walking, holding tiny hands.

A little boy and girl

Come home from school

Stepping on soggy land.

Snuggling close,

Loving the weather,

Another puddle ahead.

One more time

Let’s jump together

Sploosh!  We’re getting soaked.

We’re almost home

There is not much time

A few more puddles to go.

Wait!  Look a river!

We’ll pretend we’re boats

And we can chug real slow

While the river carries us home.

by Karen

Take a moment to enjoy the small things in life. I always loved walking my children home from school. It was a time for us to connect and for them to explore the neighbourhood around us, play on the playground for a while and when it was raining find a good puddle to jump in together. When we got a big rain storm a huge lake would cover part of the field at their school. It was on those days that I would put on my rubber boots and rain slicker and join them in the puddle fun wading through the lake and splashing in the puddles.  We would always come home soaked, get changed and then have a nice hot chocolate and snack. It is moments like these that build great memories. To this day my kids still love running in the rain.

Check It Out!


The information on this site is based on the personal experience of the author. There are no guarantees of a perfect method to raise a child, it is all trial and error. Please feel free to try some of the suggestions on this site and let me know how you make out. If you would like to use any words or pictures from this blog please contact me for written permission. © 2013

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