Is Your Child Afraid of Going To The Dentist?

How Does Your Child Feel About Going To The Dentist?

How Does Your Child Feel About Going To The Dentist?

Is your child afraid of the dentist? Ever wonder how you could help make the trip to the dentist a little easier on them and on you? Let us start with how you feel yourself about going to the dentist? What are you thinking and what emotions do you have as you drive your child to the dentist? Maybe you are nervous or anxious about dentists yourself and worried how your child will react to getting their teeth cleaned or cavity filled. A totally normal reaction by the way, as we all know the dentist’s office is hardly anyone’s favourite place to be. Our children are energy sponges though, and whatever feelings we have when we are with them they experience those same feelings themselves even though they may not know where the feelings are coming from. They hear our anxiousness in our voice and feel it in our energy and become anxious and nervous themselves without even knowing why. Most dentists will not even let the parents in the back with their child because the child is more likely to act up with the parent there than when they are not. It is also worth it to take the time and find a dentist who is really good with children because they will know how to help your child feel comfortable during the appointment.

When my children were little and had to go to the dentist I always took the three of them together to save multiple trips back and forth. I simply told them it was time to get their teeth cleaned and if they were good the dentist would let them pick out a toy and give them a goodie bag at the end. I never spoke to them about what would happen, other than the dentist was going to use her special polisher and they would come out with nice clean teeth and a goody bag. Even though I wasn’t fond of the dentist either I would focus my energy on staying calm, keep my thoughts on visualizing my children having a good experience at the dentist and seeing them being peaceful and happy to go.

The dentist loved my kids. The three of them would walk into her reception area and fight over who could go first. I think it was a refreshing experience for her, one that didn’t happen very often. Of course it helped that she was a very good dentist and excellent with children. She also had a fun selection of toys for the kids to choose from so they couldn’t wait to finish their appointment to choose one.

Even when they had a cavity they loved to go. My oldest daughter Marie was 13 years old before she realized the dentist actually used a needle to freeze her mouth before drilling on her tooth. She thought it was just a little cotton swab with the freezing on it numbing her tooth all that time. The dentist used numbing gel on a cotton swab to numb the gum where the needle would go. Then she used her “Magic Wand” to inject the freezing into Marie’s mouth. The Wand as it is officially called is a computer guided anesthesia system. A small needle, easily hidden by a dentist finger is connected to an injection system to pulse the freezing into the gum so the patient barely feels it. The needle was so tiny Marie did not even realize she was being given one. I even requested the “Magic Wand” for myself and you really do not feel it as much as the needle. If your dentist doesn’t have one I would highly recommend suggesting they get one for their patients comfort.

We would always finish a trip to the dentist with a special treat. Sometimes I would take them to the Dollar Store near by and they could pick out a small toy or they could choose their favourite treat at the Starbucks to eat later. The treat gave them something to look forward to afterwards and ended the visit with some mommy time, something every child enjoys!

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