Pennies Can Help With Bee Stings and More….

Can a Penny Help With Bee & Wasp Stings?

Can a Penny Help With Bee & Wasp Stings?

Ever hear the phrase “See a penny, pick it up, all day long you’ll have good luck”? My children’s grandma used to say that phrase all the time when we were out walking together and she would find pennies everywhere. My children loved the game and would be looking all over for their lucky penny. Now in Canada with the discontinuation of the penny it is getting harder and harder to find those lucky copper beauties. Make sure you keep a few though because sometimes they can come in really handy.

I cleaned a few of my old pennies and put a couple in a plastic bag with some band-aids for first aid use. They work really well on Bee and Wasp stings.

Wasp And Bee Stings Can Be Very Painful!

Wasp And Bee Stings Can Be Very Painful!

Just scrape the edge of the penny across the sting to remove the stinger then place the penny on top of the sting and cover it with the band-aid. The copper in the penny counteracts the sting taking away the pain and by the next day you should barely be able to see where the sting was. If someone is allergic though they may still need to seek medical attention. I tried this method out on my son when he got stung by a wasp we were both surprised how well it worked! Now I have penny bee sting kits in all my beach bags, purses, car and kids back packs so we are always prepared.

Putting a penny and a pinch of sugar in a vase with cut flowers will also help keep them fresh longer. The penny helps keep away the algae and the sugar will help to feed the flowers. I have heard a couple drops of bleach will do the same thing as the penny but I think the penny is better for the flowers.

I have a container full of pennies that I keep for various uses. My children have used pennies as game markers and when playing card games, counters for math problems at home and at school (my son’s grade 1 teacher had each student bring in 30 pennies in a small container to keep in their desk for use when they were studying math) and art projects – as part of a collage or one of the 100 days of school projects. However, I still think the best use for a penny is on a bee or wasp sting and they are worth keeping around for that reason alone if nothing else.
Happy Penny Collecting!

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