My Child’s Art Work…What can I do with it All?

More Pictures! Where Do We Put It All?

More Pictures! Where Will We Put Them?

Kids produce a lot of art work especially from preschool to grade 7. If they love art and take extra classes after school there is even more! Each piece is so precious we hang it on the fridge or pin it to a wall until our house feels devoured by paintings and drawings. Then when our child is at school and we can’t stand it anymore we rip it all down and recycle it hoping they won’t notice when they get home.

At least that is what happened in our home. Sometimes I felt bad about throwing a piece away they had worked so hard on but we just didn’t have the room to keep it all. One year I tried keeping just the ones I really liked and ended up with a pile of dusty crumpled papers under my bed by the end of the year. It too went out to the bin. Then my oldest daughter Marie attended a week long art camp and came home with the most massive painting yet a 4’x4’ cave man painting. She loved it and I must admit it looked pretty cool but it consumed an entire wall. I really wanted to keep a memory of it so, prior to sending it to the bin I hung it up and took some close up photos of it framing the entire photo with her picture.

Turns out that was the best idea yet! From that point on we started taking pictures of all her art work. If the pieces were small enough we could scan them in and get a really clear copy. She didn’t feel so bad when it disappeared because we always had a picture of it she could look at. At the end of the year we had quite a beautiful collection of kid’s art work photos so we decided to print some off into Kids Art Cards and give sets out as Christmas presents that year. Her grandparents loved receiving the gift of homemade art cards and Marie was so proud to show them what she had been doing all year.

To this day I have a collection of my children’s art photos to choose from whenever I need a card printed off. They make great thank you, birthday or any occasion cards and it is a fun way to preserve a masterpiece that may never be produced the same again. 🙂

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